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  • Digitale Bildbearbeitung
  • Film-, TV-, Videoproduktion
  • Trickfilm Animation
  • Computeranimation
  • Regie

Detaillierte Beschreibung der Tätigkeit:

Motion Design is a do-it-all business. From design to movie making, from sound processing to particle simulation, you gotta have it all. You are mixing medias and techniques, you are solving technical challenges and design problems to achieve one thing: To tell a story the right way.

So you are like Hollywood, or what? Nah, just a bunch of guys hanging around in a garage, playing with their computers, movin' bits and bytes, sometimes cardboard graphics, building worlds, translating visions, realizing any imaginable idea. And we deliver in time.

And you do that where, in Graz? Well, that is ... another story.


Daniel Bauer


ShotShotShot is a motion design boutique that opened its doors in Graz in 2006. Their concepts and their work are based on experience and influence from rock music, architecture, computer graphics and film.

In their beginnings they did a lot of music videos, exploring visual ideas and narrative concepts. More and more they attracted commercial clients. They now serve as a full service company that offers any thinkable format of digitally produced moving images, from concept to delivery. But still the "do it yourself but do it all without compromise" attitude is maintained.

Berufliche Erfahrung/Referenzen/Filmographie:

They have worked for many local bands and brands with the same efforts as they have done for the big names as there are T-Mobile, Austrian Airlines, A-TV, Microsoft, PKP-BBDO, Young&Rubicam and Jung von Matt.


Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch


Motion Design, Music Videos, Commercials, Werbefilm, Imagefilm, Animationsfilm


Griesgasse 18
8020 Graz
Tel: +43 720 740 033